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what to do if?

1. Why do my gums bleed when I floss?

It is not normal to see blood while brushing or flossing your teeth. A person with bleeding gums should see his dentist as soon as possible.
Bleeding gums are most likely due to gingivitis or its cousin, periodontal disease. These are both unhealthy conditions of the gum tissue.

2. I’ve had a toothache but it’s gone away..do I still need a checkup?

Yes. It is still important that you see your dentist to ensure there is no decay or periodontal disease in your teeth.

3. My wisdom teeth hurt?what are my options?

It is best to get your wisdom teeth taken out when they start to become painful.
Anthropologists believe wisdom teeth, or the third set of molars, were the evolutionary answer to our ancestor’s early diet of coarse, rough food – like leaves, roots, nuts and meats – which required more chewing power and resulted in excessive wear of the teeth. The modern diet with its softer foods, along with marvels of modern technologies such as forks, spoons and knives, has made the need for wisdom teeth nonexistent. As a result, evolutionary biologists now classify wisdom teeth as vestigial organs, or body parts that have become functionless due to evolution.

Because human jaws have become smaller throughout evolutionary history, when wisdom teeth form they often become impacted, or blocked, by the other teeth around them. Also, if the tooth partially erupts, food can get trapped in the gum tissue surrounding it, which can lead to bacteria growth and, possibly, a serious infection.

4. I wake up with sore teeth and sore jaw points?

Causes of jaw pain can be divided into two categories: primary and secondary. Primary jaw pain is caused by a condition which involves the jaw, while secondary jaw pain is caused by a condition elsewhere in the body which can cause pain to migrate to the jaw. Primary jaw pain can usually be treated by a dentist, a maxillofacial surgeon, or an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor, while secondary pain may require the services of a specialist in another medical field.

5. My partner says I grind my teeth .. how can I stop?

People grind their teeth for a number of reasons. Dentists say that it happens because ones teeth are not properly aligned with each other. There are quite a few reasons why people grind their teeth.
Teeth grinding, although it is not a major health issue, can bring about problems like mouth, jaw, and face problems, broken dentures, missing teeth, and many others. It is very important for adults to consult a dentist so that their teeth grinding habit is addressed before any further problems develop.

Once the dentist had determined that you suffer from bruxism, he will prescribe a cure for you. Teeth grinding cures are dependent upon the main cause of the habit. If your dentist believes that your teeth grinding habit is the direct result of stress, then he might refer you to a psychiatrist for a series of behavioral therapies to help eliminate the habit.

If the problem is due to the alignment of the teeth itself, it is possible that the same dentist will create you a customised mouth night guard for tooth and enamel protection.


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