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Case 1


Acidic erosion is the loss of enamel due to acid damage from either excessive acidic drinks such as carbonated cola drinks or fruit juice. This combined with an improper brushing regime will cause loss of enamel often near the gum line and produce sensitive teeth especially to cold. Here we show before and after photos where we restored the affected areas with bonded composite resin.

Case 2


Beautiful, lifelike ceramic crowns replaced this patients old crowns to produce a pleasing natural smile.

Case 3


Extreme wear of this patients front teeth made for a prematurely aged appearance. The teeth were restored with ceramic crowns. The final result produced a dramatic improvement in this gentlemans smile.

Case 4


All Ceramic Crowns Including Implant

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Case 5


All Ceramic Crowns Including Implant

Case 6


Composite resin is a tooth coloured restorative material which is directly bonded to the tooth. It lasts well in low-medium stress bearing ares towards the front of the mouth where cosmetics is of paramount importance. It can be moderately successful in small to medium sized cavities on back teeth in most people. Composite resin is marginally more expensive to use than amalgam and more time consuming to place in a back tooth since its placement demands a completely dry field free of contamination from saliva or exudate seen when there is a gum problem present.

Case 7


For a superior and lifelike result than the latest ALL-Ceramic restorations are indicated. Porcelain or ceramic materials produce our best cosmetic results. They can be: -Ceramic Veneers on front teeth for the perfect smile -All Ceramic Crowns to restore function and aesthetics Ceramic replacement of old amalgams.

Case 8


Teeth can become increasingly yellow-brown in colour as the enamel of our teeth becomes more translucent with age. External staining from coffee, tea, red wine and smoking contributes to our teeth becoming dim. Tooth whitening can reverse this process and make out teeth appear whiter and brighter. It is a proven, safe proceedure if supervised by an experienced dentist. At PTD we favor a home bleeching technique as it avoids in most cases the tooth sensitivity that is commonly produced by the in-office power bleeching that is offered by some dentists.

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Case 9

With modern porcelains and by using an experienced ceramist, beautiful, lifelike crowns can be produced. In this case, pre-existing crowns were replaced with porcelain crowns of the correct colour, shape and fit with porcelain margins.

Case 10


Full coverage crownwork restores strength to teeth previously weakened by decay, large fillings or cracks. It will restore heavily worn teeth and restore function to a poor bite. Here is an example of a case restored with porcelain fused to gold crownwork after extreme wear had occured to the anterior teeth.

Case 11


Combined Restorative/ Cosmetic Treatment.

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