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  • Grinding your teeth overnight is equivalent to a month’s normal wear on your teeth.
  • Listening to music while sitting in the dentist’s chair can help keep your relaxed.
  • Studies have shown there is a link between gum disease and heart disease. Ask the PT Dental team how easy it is to take care of your gums.
  • Beer was used in an ancient remedy for toothache.
  • The first people who tried to replace teeth were living back in 2600 B.C.
  • U.S President, George Washington had his first set of dentures made of wood. He had a later set made of hippopotamus tusk
  • Fluoride wasn’t added to toothpaste until 1956.
  • The ancient Egyptians made their own toothpaste from ground pumice stones and strong wine vinegar.
  • The present day nylon toothbrush wasn’t invented until 1937.
  • In the 15th century, the Chinese made toothbrushes from the neck hairs of a Siberian Wild Boar.


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