Treatment Planning

treatment planning

Treatment planning and detailed cost estimates are an essential element in any dental procedure.

At Paul Trembath Dental we are committed to providing our patients with the very best dentistry experience. We believe that patients should play an active role in any dental treatment and therefore should be involved in every step along the way. Dr Paul Trembath ensures patients are fully aware of their dental situation and all aspects of their prospective treatment.

Before any dental treatment is started, Dr Paul Trembath converses with you in regards to all angles of the procedure. Paul Trembath Dental formulate, a highly intricate dentistry treatment plans and estimate the exact cost for the patient. By carrying out these basic steps, patients are aware of all formalities of their treatment. Knowledge of the; potential advantages, processes and overall price ; all help ease the nerves generally associated with dental procedures.

All of our treatment plans were created with your well-being in mind. At Paul Trembath Dental we aim to achieve an optimal level of oral health and maintain this for life! Inadequate oral health is a serious concern that can lead to numerous other severe conditions. At Paul Trembath Dental you are our priority and caring for your well-being takes precedence.

By discussing all components of the treatment; patients are better informed to make an educated decision on whether to commence the procedure. Dr Paul Trembath understands that for some the decision to undergo any dentistry processes; whether they are necessary to maintain the functioning of teeth or to enhance the aesthetic nature of your smile; can be a confusing and potentially frightening time. Paul Trembath Dental is here to guide you throughout your dental treatment and to help you attain the best possible results.

Throughout your dental experience we will advise and work with you to achieve the greatest outcome. After undergoing treatment precise post-surgical instructions are given to all patients. This ensures that healing occurs to the greatest potential and as quickly as possible. Paul Trembath Dental is enthusiastic to provide patients with the best dentistry has to offer; incorporating the utilisation of highly specialised treatment plans.


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